STEM Dinner 2009

High School Recognition Program 2009

aka “STEM Dinner”

On January 25, 2009 Tillamook County branch of AAUW honored eight outstanding high school senior students for their scholastic achievements in the fields of science, technology, and math (STEM). They were nominated by their teachers and invited along with their families to a recognition dinner at Tillamook Bay Community College. Co-chairs Marilyn Reynolds and Bonita Smulski-Bizeau organized the event. This is a visual chronicle of that program and buffet dinner.

Courage is doing that which we think we cannot do but know we must.

Courage is being true to who we are.

Courage is being willing to be wrong, to fail, to make mistakes in the pursuit of what’s right.

Courage is living a life that does not compromise who we are and what we believe.

~by Katherine Martin, author of Women of Courage and Women of Spirit

All Honoree received a copy of Martin’s book Women of Courage. Their parents received potted trees.

Photo album by Betty Diamond