Publications Guide

Guide to Style Basics


The Association has developed a set of style basics for AAUW’s print and web publications. That guide is available for viewing and printing by clicking the highlighted titled below.

AAUW Style Basics (PDF)

j0316891All AAUW branch officers and chairs should make sure that they check any posters, press releases, printed programs, articles, notices, and bulletins that they create against the style guide before submitting them to newsletter editors, website managers, or other communications team leaders. It is recommended that each officer, upon taking office, print out the guide and keep it accessible near her computer.

The style guide includes the following:

  • Style and usage (hyphenation, spelling, word usage).
  • AAUW-related words (correct titles, usage, and abbreviations).
  • Formatting (lists, capitalization, underlines) and punctuation.

After you have reviewed your writing using the style guide, please submit it to the following Communications Committee members:

  • For newsletter publication, contact Editor/Publisher of Tidelines.
  • For website publication, contact Web manager, Betty Diamond.
  • For programs, contact our Programs VP  and Chair of the event.
  • For e-mail distribution via Outreach, contact Bonita Smulski.