Rummage Sale

Donations needed for our Book and Rummage Sale fundraiser

Workers please sign up to help on June 15th, 16th, and 17th.

Contact: Susan Pierce.

A little history for our new members. The Tillamook Branch has chosen to have one fundraiser per year to support our local meetings and programs. Often, this has been accomplished with a rummage sale. Last year in April, we hosted the annual state convention in Garibaldi, and received $1,000 from Oregon AAUW for doing this, so we did not have a rummage sale.
By having a fundraiser, we can keep our dues low and welcoming to members. Without a fundraiser, we would need to make some serious decisions.
For 2014, the fundraiser chosen is again the rummage sale. Tillamook is always a busy branch and this year is no different. As chair, I haven’t wanted to add to anyone’s stress or workload until we completed our scholarship fundraising, the annual meeting and the state convention. We are ready now and because we have done this many times before, we expect this sale to go smoothly and successfully.
In a week and a half, Saturday, May 17, we will need to be ready to greet our awaiting customers at the Tillamook Senior Center.
We especially do need help for Saturday morning when we open at 9 am.
Please gather your donations and plan a delivery for Thursday and Friday. All help is welcome.