President’s Message

Highlights and Notes from the President

AAUW Tillamook, President

Lori Gates is President from 2015-2017

The Tillamook Branch of AAUW had another solid year. This year’s membership/recruitment event planners went all-out and presented an afternoon tea with several interactive activities that engaged current and prospective members in learning about AAUW and each other. The event also highlighted last summer’s Tech Trek Camp. Currently, preparations are well underway for Tech Trek 2017. Other coastal northwest branches have been generous in assisting Tillamook in getting the word out, interviewing girls in their areas who apply, and with other tasks.

Last year’s Wine and Chocolate Affaire (the Branch’s main scholarship fundraising event) exceeded its projected revenue and this year’s organizers are determined to do the same. Meanwhile, the Scholarship Committee is hard at work screening applicants for Tillamook Bay Community College and university scholarships. For the second year, it was decided to designate scholarships for continuing university students in addition to students entering from high school. The 2017 Wine and Chocolate Affaire and silent auction will be on Sunday, April 30. The silent auction is a great compliment for the event and brings in additional funds to support scholarships—themed baskets and gift-certificate packages are especially popular.

 Two February events honored and engaged students in different ways. The Branch’s STEM Recognition Event honored young women, nominated by their high-school teachers, who excelled in science, math, and technology. The Branch also hosts the annual County Spelling Bee for students at all grade levels. Last year the Branch reinvented its Book and Rummage Sale with a new approach and new venue. This March the Branch hopes to repeat their success. The Book and Rummage Sale is the branch’s major fundraising event for operating funds, including funds for events like STEM Recognition and the County Spelling Bee.

 On a personal note, this is my final year as President of the Tillamook Branch. I am also moving away from Tillamook County to the Portland Metro area. I have very much enjoyed working with everybody in AAUW (from the fantastic Tillamook Branch to Oregon AAUW’s leadership to those who take their time to come from AAUW to check out our activities and speak at the State Convention). So many Tillamook AAUW folks have stepped up in so many ways over the ten years or so that I have been in the Branch that I know I’d miss some if I tried to acknowledge them personally. They give their time, contribute their knowledge, provide food for events, volunteer when and where needed, donate funds to support AAUW, and are just determined to get things done because they believe in the importance of AAUW’s mission……Lori Gates






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